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The Protection of Personal Information Act has come into force.

Ensure your company is compliant now to avoid severe penalties.

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SA's First and only Turnkey POPI Compliance Solution

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) places an obligation on your company to process your customers' data safely and responsibly, and prescribes penalties of up to R10 million for companies who fail to comply.

For your convenience, we offer two POPI Compliance options:

1   Comprehensive option - we assist you in implementing comprehensive POPI compliance for your company

2   Basic option - we provide template policies and contracts through our Contracts Package.

Looking for services for your startup?

See our Business Cover option.

Looking for comprehensive compliance for a bigger company? Read on for more.

Frequently asked questions about POPI

  • Does POPI apply to my business?

  • By when do I have to be compliant?

  • What do I have to do to be compliant?

  • What data can I keep and how long can I keep it for?

  • Can I keep emails?

  • What about data that gets sent overseas?

  • What does my website need?

  • What about overseas customers who visit my website?

  • Can I still market to my customers?

  • Do I need consent from all customers?

  • What constitutes legitimate purpose?

  • What happens if we receive a complaint or demand to destroy personal information?

  • What happens if we receive an enforcement notice from the Regulator?

  • Does POPI apply to my staff?

  • My business doesn't collect personal information... does it?

As commercial attorneys and POPI specialists, we can answer all your questions on POPI. We advise  commercial clients on all aspects of POPI compliance, and we have already helped many businesses owners to implement POPI compliance.

Being POPI compliant means more than filling in some paperwork. Nowadays, many companies rely on digital systems to run their businesses, and changes in a company's systems and procedures are required to become compliant.

Recognising this, Maybery Inc. takes a practical and holistic approach to implementing compliance. We have partnered with an IT service provider to provide SA's first and only turnkey POPI compliance service, to help you with the legal and technical changes your business needs to make.

We also recognise that your business needs to keep going. No business can afford to drop everything, not even for POPI. We therefore help you to implement POPI compliance affordably and with minimum disruption to your business.

How do we get started?

The first step is to complete our free Privacy Impact Assessment. This will give an idea of the nature of your business and the type of personal information it processes.

Next, decide whether to opt a basic compliance option, or the Comprehensive compliance option, in which we assist you in implementing POPI compliance for your business.


To make this decision, take into account your legal knowledge and time available to research and decide on which documents and systems to update.


To get started with compliance, contact us once you have completed the Privacy Impact Assessment.

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