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Mediation, Divorce and Family Law

Mediation, Divorce, Maintenance, Custody, Domestic Violence, Protection Orders and more


Our Family Law Department offers extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of Family Law, including:

  1. Mediation;

  2. Uncontested and contested divorce;

  3. The negotiation, drafting and settling of antenuptial agreements;

  4. Changes to a couples’ matrimonial property regime;

  5. Applications for interim maintenance in either the Domestic Violence or Rule 43 Courts;

  6. Enforcement of orders relating to divorce or maintenance orders;

  7. Assistance with all aspects relating to parental rights and responsibilities;

  8. The rights of unmarried fathers;

  9. The suspension or termination of parental rights and responsibilities;

  10. Relocation of children to other countries;

  11. All aspects pertaining to the rights of children.

Consider mediation first

The first step in divorce proceedings is to consider the possibility of mediation. Find out more here.

Client Reviews

We're proud of our track record of great service to our family law clients. Our success comes from our modern, cost-saving approach to law, and it shows in our client satisfaction.

"Thank you - I feel so much better knowing that you are handling my case." - Kerry G.


"I will never forget how you have helped me." - Jennifer S.

"Thank you for your relentless pursuit for justice." - Obed M.

See our Google reviews here.

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