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Services to Estate Agents

We know your job is a thankless task.


We see you hustling, doing your best to keep the deal on track.


Competition is fierce, and you need an efficient transfer process to keep clients happy.



Here's how we help you and your clients.


All the legal advice and documents you need.


Whether it's a custom OTP or an unusual Addendum, we provide the documents you need included in our Conveyancing service.


If you need advice on any aspect of a deal, contract or dispute, we're ready to assist - no charge to you or your client.

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Best rates for your Buyers.

Our competitive transfer fees won't stand in the way of the deal.

Download our handy table of transfer fees and transfer duty below.

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Excellent service to your Sellers.

Your Sellers rely on you to bring the deal to a successful conclusion. You can rely on our Property Department to provide expertise regular feedback and a successful transfer.

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Early and efficient commission payment.

Cashflow is essential to you and your agency. In appropriate cases, we can pay your commission before registration.

(Call us for an interesting conversation on the technicalities of Legal Practice Council Code of Conduct Rule 14).

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Expertise in legal property disputes.

Anyone who thinks all property transfers go smoothly, has got it wrong.

We advise on all forms of property matters, including:

Return of deposit after a canceled sale

Patent and latent defects

Body Corp. / HOA issues

Lease disputes


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Need help with your property transaction?

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