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Debt Collection

Successful debt collection requires experience and understanding of human nature.

Your debtors will try to slow the process down -

it's our job to keep the pressure up.

Why choose Maybery Inc. to recover your debt?

We're trusted by over 300 corporate clients


Maybery Inc. collects over R2 million every year for our clients - including insurance houses, property management companies, schools, medical practices and SMEs.


No win, no fee collection


We don't charge for pre-litigation processes - we only take a commission on what we've successfully collected.

Efficient processes

We're a modern firm taking advantage of technology to get better results. Your debtor will receive demand by Whatsapp, email, phone call AND registered post - making it difficult to claim they were unaware of the debt.


How does the debt collection process work?




First, we send a Letter of Demand by email, post and Whatsapp.


The debtor has 10 days to pay or make an arrangement.




We also call the debtor to keep the pressure up.



We only take commission on the amount successfully collected.

Working on laptop

Debt collection is just one of our services for your business.

Our Business Protect® service gives you Collections, Contracts, Advice, Labour and Litigation cover, all included from R500 / month.

Learn more about how Business Protect® helps you protect and grow your business.

Get your money back before your debtor's financial position worsens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Commercial Attorneys handling my debt collections?

Because we’re commercial attorneys – not just debt collectors - we can do more than just telephone calls and letters of demand. Debtors know that when attorneys send them a letter, if they don't comply then summons will follow. We are experienced in the full litigation process, beginning with soft collection, and progressing all the way from summons, to trial, judgment and execution.


Because we deal with companies suing each other every day, we can give you expert advice on the strength of your claim and the likely outcome of collection/litigation. We know that debtors need constant pressure to ensure payment, and we know that some debtors simply can’t be moved by the soft collection process. If a soft collection attempt has not succeeded after 10 days, we are qualified to institute court summons – upon your confirmation - to maintain that pressure on the debtor.


Handing over your collection to us from the beginning saves you time and ensures more effective collection of your debts.

How long should I wait before instituting the collection process?

We normally advise clients to wait no longer than three months. In our view, it is completely unacceptable for anyone to make you wait more than 90 days for payment. Anyone who has made you wait that long may be in financial distress, and may have several creditors to whom they owe money. Therefore, it is important that you begin aggressively prosecuting your claim before other creditors do.

We all like to help people, and we know that sometimes you give a person a break - for example, a struggling tenant - but we have seen hundreds of cases where that generosity is taken for granted. From a legal standpoint, you should always institute a claim sooner rather than later - the longer you wait, the more difficult a successful recovery becomes. Rather have us send a polite but firm letter on our letterhead, reminding your client to pay before the relationship deteriorates.

Note that debts not prosecuted within three years usually "prescribe" - which means they expire.

What is Soft Collection, what is Litigation, and what's the difference?


Soft Collection is the first phase of a collection - handing over debtors to your attorneys, review of evidence, telephone calls to the debtor and the proper delivery of a Letter of Demand, compliant with Section 129 of the National Credit Act, by registered post – as required by the Rules of Court.

Soft collection is not always successful, and in cases which are worth it, you may choose to proceed with Litigation (starting with a summons). We make it clear to debtors that, should the Letter of Demand be ignored, summons will follow immediately afterwards.


When does my case need to move to Litigation?

If all our efforts during Soft Collection are unable to motivate the debtor to pay, then you have a Stubborn Debtor or a Broke Debtor. In such a case you must consider instituting Litigation. We will conduct due diligence into the case and advise you on the feasibility of instituting action against your debtor - i.e. whether it's worth it.

If I start with Soft Collection, do I HAVE TO proceed to Litigation?

No, it's up to you. In fact, where Litigation is likely to be too expensive relative to the debt, or where it appears that a judgment may be hollow, we sometimes advise clients not to proceed with Litigation.

What's the catch?

There’s no catch. We have leveraged our economy of scale to provide a more affordable service to our clients. Our Soft Collection process works on a competitive commission scale – no success, no fee. But, understand that litigation is a premium service, paid for upfront.

Where can I learn more about Litigation?

Please visit our litigation page here.

What are the costs of Soft Collection vs Litigation?


There is no upfront cost for Soft Collection – we only receive commission if we successfully collect the debt for you.

However, Litigation is a premium service paid for upfront. However, Business Protect® subscribers get up to R1 million Litigation Cover per year. Find out more about Business Protect® here.

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