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We lead legal innovation by providing fixed pricing wherever possible. We offer fixed pricing for contracts and other documents, trademark registrations, property transfers and other legal tasks whose scope is reasonably easy to define.

Unfortunately, in some cases - like litigation - it's impossible to provide fixed pricing. This is because the amount of work required depends on how far one needs to go to persuade your opponent to cooperate.


For example, one can send a letter of demand to a reasonable debtor, who pays the amount due within ten days. On the other hand, the debtor may dispute the debt, raise a defence, institute a counterclaim, and the matter may require a trial, execution of judgment and sale of immovable property.

However, where it's not possible to give a fixed price (i.e. in litigation), we operate at a competitive rate of R1,500 per hour. Even in court matters, we are able to provide accurate estimates of litigation costs.

If you're looking for a comprehensive commercial law solution, consider our Business Protect® offering. 

Business Protect® helps you protect and develop your business with a team of commercial attorneys at your side, giving you the advantage of competitors, suppliers, staff and customers - from R1,500 per month.

Learn more about Business Protect® here.

Why choose us as your commercial attorneys?

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