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Why Choose Us?

Experienced Commercial Services to Businesses

We specialise in ​​corporate and commercial law for small and medium-sized businesses. We've helped clients deal with nearly every possible legal situation, from debt collection, breach of contract, litigation, exiting contracts, franchisee issues, insolvency and liquidation to intellectual property disputes and even company hijackings. As a result we enjoy the trust of a wide range of commercial clients, from small business to industry associations, construction companies, IT companies and franchises.

The experience of both Attorneys and Advocates

Our team draws not only from experienced Attorneys, but an in-house Advocate as well - allowing us to provide expert advice to you not only on the pre-litigation aspects of cases, but also the intricacies of trial litigation. Read more about our team here.

Keeping your best interests first

From the day Maybery Inc. was founded, we have emphasised preventing legal problems rather than curing them. Litigation is unavoidably expensive, and if you have implemented legal protection for your business like proper sales and employment contracts, Shareholders agreements, POPI and other compliance, you will save tenfold on costs, time and frustration.

Our clients know we have their best interests at heart. In fact, we often advise clients not to proceed with litigation where their evidence does not support a winning case.

Straightforward advice

If someone can't explain a concept simply, they don't understand it. Our approach to advising our clients - especially our corporate clients facing difficult business decisions - has always been to give straightforward, understandable advice. The contracts and court documents contain highly technical legal terms and strategies, and for good reason - but when explaining them to clients, these need to be translated to normal, understandable layperson terms.

Modern, Cost-effective Services

We are a modern firm incorporating modern technologies and practices to save costs. Our rates are competitive and affordable, and we charge fixed fees wherever possible. We don't charge for every phone call and every minute, so you won't have to worry about a surprising bill at the end of the month. We provide a comprehensive quotation for every legal service, and where costs are variable we provide "best case scenario" and "worst case scenario" estimates, ensuring complete transparency.

Regular Case Feedback

We know legal problems can be terrifying, and we know you want to be guided and involved in the process. We provide regular weekly feedback on the progress of your case, and we don't charge extra for it.

Consistent high ratings

Our client satisfaction is reflected in our consistent high ratings on Google, Facebook and Linkedin. Take a look here.

Got a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions here or Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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