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Financing Litigation

How can I finance my case?


Litigation is a premium service that requires the application of expert skills and time to your case. Although we do not offer credit, there are other options available to you.


Using savings

If you can access spare funds, this is usually the best option as you can pay upfront and get started with your case, without worrying about debt or credit applications.



Borrowing from family

If you have friends or family who are willing to lend you money, you can avoid interest and credit applications. Bear in mind that your benefactors may feel like they get to weigh in on decisions in your matter, which you will have to manage.



Personal loan

A personal loan can be a good option to pay for your case because:


  • You can borrow a significant sum of money. You may have more access to funds with a personal loan, while your savings or the limit on your credit card could run out sooner.


  • You might not need to show collateral. You may be able to find an unsecured loan, which means you don't have to pledge any property as collateral. This can be beneficial especially in a divorce when your shared marital property is tied up in litigation and thus can't be pledged to guarantee a loan.

  • A personal loan may have a lower interest rate than other sources of funds. For example, the interest rate on credit cards is typically higher than the interest rate on personal loans.


Make sure you compare multiple lenders - otherwise, you might get stuck with a high interest rate or hidden fees.

Credit card / debit order

Qualifying clients can apply to pay a monthly fee by credit card or debit order for certain matter. Terms and conditions apply - please arrange a consultation with us for further information.


Selling valuable items

Not an attractive option, but if you have a serious legal problem, you may want to consider selling your valuable items, such as your car, jewelry or other assets.



Please note that we do not endorse any particular service provider or source of funding, nor do we accept responsibility for your choice of funding above. It is always preferable to be able to pay for legal services with savings. However, we recognise that many people do not have savings, and this information is therefore provided purely for educational purposes and to assist you in moving forward with your case. You are encouraged to obtain independent legal and financial advice in securing funding for your case.

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