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Whether it's your own home or a rental investment, your property is one of your most valuable assets, and needs to be protected.

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Property transfers

The transfer of an immovable property is not just a signature on an Offer to Purchase. It is often a complicated transaction requiring the guidance of an experienced property conveyancer.


The conveyancer must:

  • attend to the cancellation of old bank bonds and register new ones;

  • arrange finance;

  • interface with SARS, the Deeds Office and the local municipality;

  • deal with existing deed conditions correctly to prevent delays;

  • ensure compliance with property laws; and

  • ensure the harmonious relationship between Seller and Purchaser.

Although it is a norm that the Seller nominates the Conveyancing Attorneys, it is a negotiable term of the contract just like many others. Many first-time home buyers are unaware that they can negotiate the nomination of the Conveyancing Attorneys - after all, it is the Purchaser who pays the Conveyancer's transfer fees.

Property transfers

Buying or selling a property? Contact us for experienced service and competitive transfer fees.

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