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Wills and Estates

It is important to draft a will, and to update it whenever you go through a major life event, such as marriage, divorce, buying and selling of property, and starting a new business.


We provide free basic wills to assist you with your estate planning. Please prepare the following for your consultation:


1. Gather all the documents related to your estate, such as:


  • Birth, death, marriage certificates & divorce decree, if applicable;

  • Deeds & mortgages;

  • Bank account numbers;

  • Investment portfolio account numbers;

  • Insurance policy numbers;

  • Funeral plans and burial information;


2. List of advisors such as your banker, investment / insurance agent and/or accountant including their company names and addresses.


3. Make sure your family and executor(s) know where this information is located. Do not keep it with your will.

4. We have the experience in estate administration to act as executor, but you may appoint a co-executor or other executor if you wish. Consider an alternative executor in case the executor is not able to act. (Speak to these people to be sure they will agree to act).


5. Do you want to leave bequests? Bequests are specific items of personal property (such as a car, jewellery, art, or a sum of money) that you wish to leave to a specific person.


6. To whom do you wish to leave the remainder of your estate? Spouse? Children? Charities? Is it to go directly or through a trust? If it is being left to children, are they to receive it immediately or at some future time?


7. We have the experience in estate administration to act as Trustees, but you may wish to consider another Trustee. Gather the details of the person you wish to appoint as Trustee, and ensure that the Trustee is willing to act.


8. If one of your children has died, do you want his or her children to receive that share, or do you want it to go to your other children?


9. Who will you name as a guardian for dependent children or disabled adult children? Ensure that the guardian is willing to act.


Once you're ready, contact us to arrange a consultation.

Our Terms and Conditions for a free will:

  • We will provide a free draft of a basic will. Unfortunately we cannot provide amendments, multiple consultations or complex wills for free, but we do offer these at great prices. Please consult with us to see which option suits your needs best.

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