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Looking for a bespoke personal service only for now? Learn more here

 Life is tough enough without legal problems.

But they happen to everyone -

disputes with landlords, bad service and unfair employers.

Personal Protect® by Maybery Inc. helps you protect yourself and your family from legal problems, for only R99 per month.



For only R99 per month, Personal Protect® covers you in so many ways:

new house 3.jpg

Property Matters 

Ensure your landlord treats your fairly

Ensure builders do the job right

You sell your house - the buyer finds new defects and blames you

You buy a new house - we'll help with an OTP contract and discounts on transfer fees.

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Labour Law

Ensure you are treated fairly at work

You're unfairly dismissed - we'll assist with your CCMA case.

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Family matters

You're getting married - we'll draft your antenuptial contract.

You're getting divorced - Personal Protect® covers the attorney fees.

You want to provide for your family - we provide wills and estate management.


Criminal matters

You're arrested for drunk driving or speeding - we'll assist with your bail application.


Personal injury

You go to hospital and sustain injury from a bad operation - we'll take on the hospital

You're injured in a road accident - we can assist with the RAF case.

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You want to start a business or side hustle - we'll help you with contracts and advice.


More benefits of Personal Protect®

  • Get R150,000 legal cover per year

  • Work with our highly-rated law firm, not an insurer


  • Most affordable legal cover in SA

  • Get discounts on additional services like property transfers, wills/estates, and business advice

  • Cover additional family members for only R50 per month

Join Personal Protect®

Want to find out more first? Request a call back:

Happy Driver

Client Reviews


"Your service is exceptional." - H. Bilankulu

"Your service was highly appreciated in our time of distress." - Y. Abraham

"Thank you for the friendly and caring advice, more than I could ask for." - Martin H.

"They handled a complicated High Court matter for us with dedication and total professionalism." - John C.

"Warwick and the team are sharp as razors." - Darius W.


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